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For 30 years our Group has been supplying high quality ceramic clays to both domestic and International markets.

The Smart Stem was developed in reponse to the Mining Industry's need for a safe, effective, and simple blast hole stemming solution.

Smart Stems (also known as a Clay Dummies) are completely inert, rigid and yet pliable enough to be a totally effective blast hole stemming solution for any type of blasting opertation
Blast efficiency is vastly improved the longer the blast energy is confined within the rock.

Current stemming methods involving clay/ plastic blast stems are seldom standalone, and often require the addition of traditional stemming material, usually drill cuttings. Added to this, many current solutions have drawbacks making them unsuitable for underground operations with gas. In some cases the wrapping material itself poses a fire risk.

A blast hole stemmed with Smart Stem Clay Dummies ensures that upon detonation, the plug stays in place throughout the blast, thereby ensuring maximium force remains in the rock, and as a consequence improves on-site safety with an absence of gas venting, flame, and a reduction of fly rock.

Our Clay Stems are the new generation, stand alone, explosion confinement product which are safe and easy to use, making it the superior clay stemming solution for all mining operations including underground mines where the risk of fire from gas seepage is ever present.

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Clay Blast Hole Stemming Dummies
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The Smart Stem, clay dummy, is now used as a stemming solution in mines in both Australia and New Zealand.